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Weeks 1-3

Start with a seedling or if you start with a seed once the plants leaves start to sprout add 4 oz to a 1/2 gallon of water once a week (or 2 oz twice a week).  Do this for 3 weeks.  Even though you will be adding more water throughout the week you don’t need more than 4 oz of Origin 360 a week for the first 3 weeks.

Weeks 4-8

As your plants start to grow they will need more water.  Use the same amount of Origin 360 (4 oz) but add it to a gallon of water instead of a 1/2 a gallon.  You only need to do this once a week (or 2 oz twice a week) and do not need to add Origin 360 to the rest of the water you use throughout the week. You will start to see the Origin 360 plants outgrow the other plants that are not getting Pure Protein Hydrolysate™.

Weeks 9-12

Now your plants are starting to take on some body and need more nutrients.  For weeks 9-12 you should up the amount of Origin 360 to 8 oz a week.  Same ratio as before.  4 oz per gallon of water but spread it out throughout the week, don’t use Origin 360 on back to back days. It will not have any effect on the plants. Around week 12 your plants will start to form their buds and you can discontinue using Origin 360 or keep using it through the flowering phase to continue to promote growth.