Pure Protein Hydrolysate

Our revolutionary process reduces whole animal proteins into a liquid containing naturally-occurring amino acids, small peptides, and macronutrients, all readily available to nourish the soil. Amino acids, the building blocks of all life, are naturally designed to be repurposed and to generate life again. Our formula draws these nutrients directly into the root system for maximum effectiveness. Not only does this promote healthier and stronger plants, but it increases their size, production and vibrancy.

Zero Synthetic Chemicals

100% natural liquid fertilizer

Good for the Earth

Animal proteins returning into the soil as part of the cycle of life


So potent that it is the only nutrient product you will need


Use freely with other supplements or integrated pest management systems
Origin 360


At Origin 360™, our mission is to provide greener, more sustainable solutions to anyone that is interested in growing plants that yield impressive results. That’s why we developed an all-natural liquid fertilizer that contains zero synthetic chemicals or chemical by-products, just natural elements in the form of Pure Protein Hydrolysate.
We are passionate about Mother Nature and all of her living things. That’s why for every gallon purchased, we pledge to donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund.


  • So simple to use, I don’t have a green thumb but this makes it look like I do

  • You cannot be a serious grower if you are not using Mary Jane’s Secret. The boost you get from using this stuff is just unparalleled.

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