How To Use

Origin 360™ can work with any plant. The key is the amino acids that are in the formula. Amino Acids are the building blocks of life and are used by all living things. Origin 360™ adds unparalleled amounts of amino’s not only directly into the root system but also helps activate the bacteria in the soil, thus enhancing plant growth on multiple levels. If in doubt we say use 4 ounces of Origin 360™ in a gallon of water twice a week as a starting point for any plant.

 We have started a series of experiments to fine tune how to use Origin 360™ and how much to add to different plants, vines and flowers during the different stages of growth.

Start your own experiment as you use Origin 360™. Send us documentation and photos about it and we will post it on this website, allowing your knowledge to be used by other growers. If your story is well documented and detailed we will send you some free Origin 360™ to continue your growing.

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