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How To Use

How to Use

Unlike other liquid fertilizers, due to the low N-P-K (1-0-5), Origin 360™  will never burn your plants. It can be used as a soil additive and is particularly effective as a foliar spray for those plants with relatively large stoma, like pumpkins. These plants can absorb the amino acids right though the leaves, as well as through the roots.

Directions for Use:


As a soil additive

When Planting – Use 3 oz directly into the soil at the base of the hole that is dug to place the plant in.

As a soil additive
– Use 3 oz of Origin 360™ per gallon of water, up to twice weekly but at least once a week for the first 3 weeks

– Pour 3 oz of Origin 360™ directly at the base of the plant and then water the plants as you would normally do

– Fill the adjustable sprayer, see the product catalog, and dial in the needed amount of Origin 360™ you would like directed at the plant. We recommend using at least the 3 oz setting but for increased distribution you can use up to the maximum 8oz setting. Spray the plant at the base and on the leaves.

As a foliar spray

– Use 1 oz of Origin 360™ in a normal 24 oz water spray bottle and spray the leaves of the plants up to once weekly

– Use the adjustable sprayer and set the dial for 1 oz or less and spray the leaves of the plants up to once weekly


– Depending on the size of the vase add 1 oz or less of Origin 360™. When adding water use less than 1 oz depending on the amount of water added

– Add 2 oz to a gallon of water when watering indoor plants. Water as you normally would.

– We do NOT recommending spaying the leaves of an indoor plant with a mixture of Origin 360™ indoors. Please take the plants outside and spray them there allowing Origin 360™ to be absorbed before bringing them back inside.

– DO NOT use the adjustable sprayer indoors or on indoor plants that you take outside. The adjustable sprayer is to be used strictly for outdoor plants.

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