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How To Use

How to Use – Amino Acids, the Building Blocks of Life

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are primary components in the machinery of cells in plants. Origin 360™ contains 18 of the 20 amino acids found in living cells!

Glycine is one of the most important amino acids for plants, and one of the most prevalent amino acids in Origin 360™. Because glycine is the smallest amino acid it naturally makes the smallest chelated molecules that pass readily through plant tissues. Once inside the plant, the mineral or metal (e.g. calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, etc.) is released, and the leftover amino acids are either used by the plant directly as amino acids or further broken down into water soluble nitrogen. 

Glutamic acid is the most prevalent amino acid in Origin 360™ . Glutamic acid and glycine both stimulate root cells to open calcium ion channels, allowing plants to take up calcium ions many times faster than osmosis. The increased availability of calcium provided by amino acid chelated calcium has several other benefits. For instance, a plant with a strong vascular system takes up water and nutrients more efficiently. Supplementing plants with amino acid-chelated calcium can help strengthen the plants’ natural immune system, potentially reducing the need for pesticides and fungicides. 

Amino acids also play a role in protecting plants against insects and disease. Weak plants have extra water between the cell walls, providing easy access to sucking insects and fungal pathogens. Strong plants with extra pectin between the cell walls are hardened against attacks, forming a physical barrier against invaders.

Unlike other liquid fertilizers, due to the low N-P-K (2-0-2), Origin 360™  will never burn your plants. It can be used as a soil additive and is particularly effective as a foliar spray for those plants with relatively large stoma, like pumpkins. These plants can absorb the amino acids right though the leaves, as well as through the roots.

Directions for Use:

As a soil additive – Use 2-4 oz of Origin 360™  per gallon of water, twice weekly

As a foliar spray – Use 2 oz of Origin 360™  per gallon of water, once weekly



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