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Origin 360

Nutrient-dense Origin 360™is undiluted and designed to be used throughout the growth cycle to support the overall health and output of your plants. Amino acids, the building blocks of all life, are naturally designed to be repurposed and to generate life again. It’s really quite simple— when Mother Nature is allowed to do her work, there are no synthetic products needed.

Our revolutionary process reduces whole animal proteins into a liquid containing naturally-occurring amino acids, small peptides, and macronutrients, all readily available to nourish the soil. Our formula draws these nutrients directly into the root system for maximum effectiveness. Not only does this promote healthier and stronger plants, but it increases their size, production and vibrancy.

Origin 360™ is amazingly effective and it is also entirely harm-free. Our unique product is derived from animal protein through the eco-friendly process of alkaline hydrolysis. In addition to producing a phenomenal fertilizer, this revolutionary process also prevents the release of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the environment, and instead returns the organic material to the Earth— its Origin— ready to beautify your garden and increase your harvest.

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