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Origin360 Starter Kit

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Origin360 Starter Kit

Nutrient-dense Origin 360™is undiluted and designed to be used throughout the growth cycle to support the overall health, output and vibrancy of your plants. Our liquid protein hydrolysate fertilizer is full of L – Amino Acids, the building blocks of all life.  3 ounces per gallon of water and Mother Nature’s natural fertilizer is ready to be repurposed and generate amazing life in your plants.

Amount To Use – 3 ounces mixed with a gallon of water
Noticeable Results – 2-3 weeks
Application  Regular watering of plants or sprayed on leaves
Amino Acids – Contains 17 of 20 found in living cells
NPK 1-0-5 – Won’t burn out your plants.
Compatibility – Can be used alone or with other supplements
All Natural – No Synthetic Chemicals
Adjustable Spray Bottle – Fill the spray bottle with a 32 oz bottle of Origin360, adjust the dial for amount desired, connect a hose and spray your outdoor plants at the roots and leaves.
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Our revolutionary process breaks down whole animal proteins into a liquid fertilizer, which will nourish the plant with naturally-occurring amino acids, proteins, and macronutrients. These nutrients provide maximum effectiveness as they are drawn directly into the root system or through the leaves if used as a foliar spray. Origin 360™ is amazingly effective for flowers, vegetables, herbs; literally anything you grow, promoting healthier and stronger leaves and stems, increasing the size, quality and output of all plants.

Weight 5 lbs

4 reviews for Origin360 Starter Kit

  1. Lori McNiel

    This product made my tomatoes grow to be strong plants. They produced the sweetest tomatoes. I used it on my flowing plants as well and I saw a definite result in the increased amount of flowers. This is a versatile fertilizer and won’t burn your plants! Excellent product!

  2. Paul Borrmann

    Used this on all my shrubs last year excellent growth. Also used in my garden on tomatoes peppers watermelons and squash some of the best yields ever and root systems like I’ve never seen. Fertilized my orchard this year and the blooms are amazing.

  3. Michael Donofrio

    I’ve been using Origin 360 on all of plants in my backyard. Flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Everything! These African Daisy plants are just one example of what happens when I use it. These plants have never been so big and colorful. I also like the fact it is natural so I don’t have to worry about it harming my cats. In fact I actually use it on there catnip plants! There is nothing out there like Origin 360!

  4. Steve Geddes

    This is not only a fantastic product for any of the plants that you might have in your garden it is also one of the most environmentally friendly products you can find for the garden. I’m a competitive giant pumpkin grower and I thought my year was going to end early last year when a hail storm destroyed 70% or more of the foliage on my plants at the end of June. I decided to leave the plants in and feed them aggressively with Origin 360 and to my surprise they rebounded back nicely. At the end of the season I had one pumpkin which weighed 1361 lbs. and the other weighed in at 1483 lbs. Not bad considering that I was quite sure that I would not be able to get one over 700 lbs. with all the early plant damage. If you’re looking for a natural protein based fertilizer I do not think you could do better than the Origin 360!

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